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Harry Potter. The Dresden Files. Lost Girl. Spiderwick. The notion that supernaturals live and work amongst the mundane is a relatively recent but well-established trope, and it’s all over the media. This section of the Wiki deals with the nuts and bolts of magic as they relate to the setting. Here you will find modified rules for graduated magic, a Spell Index, List of Rituals and Paths, and other mechanics to help you load your mojo bag with goodies, as well as a thorough treatment of the Arcana and the marvels one can accomplish through their mastery. Let’s get started.
The Ministry of Supernatural Resources was consolidated in 1982, when Canada became a nation in its own right. Along with the Canada Act, the Secret folk of the Great White North signed the Arcanada Accord into law. It’s a document which codified the powers and responsibilities of the new and expanded Ministry, and also retired the existing Ministry of Magic. It allowed folks of all Secret heritages to study at Ministry schools, hold office, and vote their say in the Secret affairs of the nation. While most Commonwealth nations have their own analogue of this governmental branch, nowhere in the world will you find one as well-organized or tightly run as Canada’s, and that’s a fact.

White Magic White Magic Home

“The Ministry itself consists of two broad Divisions. The Administrative takes care of all of the bureaucracy and tends the Tapestry, a powerful artifact of uniquely Canadian manufacture I’ll deliberate on at some point in the future. They deal with licensing, prophecy, administration, and handle the money. Their magical style is typically subtle, involving minute adjustments over long periods of time, in an effort to steer Canada as a nation towards its higher destiny. Its methods are arcane, its members are some of the smartest people working in magic today, and as an entity the Administrative Division doesn’t miss a tic. If you have a Whitecoat show up on your doorstep, you’d better hope they don’t have a reason to be there. White magic is scary in the same way climate change is; it’s hard to notice, but impossible to refute. Like the Ministers, they wear the White Coat of Sorcery. " – Jack Hawthorne, “Sleepwalker Stories”

Red Magic Red magic Home

“The Executive is the other division. They’re a federal policing and executive body dedicated to keeping the Secret peace domestically and abroad. They handle the most grievous breaches of the Veil, (like when werewolves lose their cool while robbing a train-station.), they accompany sleeper peackeeping efforts overseas to mediate the effects of harmful magic cast by foreign wizards who likely don’t want a foreign power on their sovereign soil, and they and get access to all of the coolest toys and spells to help them in their mandate. Theirs is the Red Coat of War, and the prestige that goes along with it. Red magic goes ‘boom’, and is about as subtle as a kick in the balls.” – Hawthorne, “Sleepwalker Stories”


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