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True Blood. The Dresden Files. Harry Potter. Supernatural.. I could go on. The idea of supernaturals living secret lives among us the normals isn’t a new one, but it’s alive and well in the 21st century and it makes for some damn fine teevee. It also makes for some pretty good roleplaying, as it happens. Canada

Welcome to the Great Weird North. Arcanada Chronicles is my vision of an alternate Canada founded on the ruins of Ancient Hyperborea, a contemporary of Atlantis which did not vanish from this earth in ancient times, but rather in the Dark Ages. It’s a Canada chockablock with horror, heroism, and ancient magic where it’s all real and people are beginning to suspect. It’s a simultaneous roleplaying and prose-writing exercise, a dumping-ground for all of the horror gaming and fiction ideas which constantly churn ’round my busy brain. New Sections will be added as I get to them.

Everything to do with Magic in Arcanada

Ten thousand years ago, the hubris of Atlantis nearly destroyed the world. Though the mightiest among Gods, Mortals and Wizards banded together and strove to save it, the cosmos was changed forever.

One thousand years ago, the Great Epiphany portended a similar cataclysm, which was similarly averted. The Veil of Dreams was established, and the Secret Folk faded from history into legend.

At the dawn of the 21st century the world again changed forever. The world is at war on a global scale; terrorist cells world-wide work round the clock planning strikes against their hated evils. The death of the Cold War has, if anything, made the world a less private place; satellites prowl the skies looking down at earth, everyone has a camera, and information is everywhere. Somebody is always watching.

Under these conditions, it becomes pretty damn hard to keep a secret, much less keep Secret. Ministry stories involve the day to day adventures of those sorcerously-inclined Canadians employed (or subject to regulation) by the Ministry of Supernatural Resources.

The tone here is equal parts Indiana Jones, James Bond, Harry Dresden, and Harry Potter. 1 Adventure, mystery, paranoia, and good old-fashioned action your thing? Have a look inside.

1 Unabashedly. UNO even looks like Hogwarts, inside and out.

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Acknowledgements, Disclaimers, and Unabashed Self-Promotion

It’s important to stress that this is neither the finished version of any roleplaying game system owned by me or anyone else, nor any attempt at any official set of rules. It’s a spot to keep fiction and story ideas, to either write as prose or present as roleplaying content for a private audience chosen by me. If you choose to use any or all of this stuff in your own game, be my guest, but any tagged fiction is mine, so I’ll ask that you don’t go publishing it anywhere else. If you’re here to read because my mammoth vanity has led me to lead you here, g’head and ignore the rules bits and source material hax, and get straight to the Sleepwalker Stories over on Blogger.

If you’re new to my acquaintance, I have two other sites on Obsidian Portal tailoring to various flavours of game or game-related stories and such as.

In the Runelands, A thaumo-industrial revolution takes hold of the Nine Kingdoms of Runelands the North. Bards tell tales of trade and treachery in the high skies, the Runestone Rail ties the continent together as never before, and as the Nine Kingdoms jockey for influence and control of the North skirmishes break out around the borders. Overseas, established empires send agents and armies to back the various factions. It is a time of brewing trouble. This is another passion project of mine, which I never get around to editing. It’s likely the least-developed of my games, although I’ve had it in mind the longest.

Exalted: Imperium Celestia

Imperium Celestia was my take on Exalted set in space, before White Wolf went and developed their own settings for exactly the same deal. One day when I get around to ploughing through those books again, I’ll pick and choose which parts of them I like and likely cobble something of my own together here, just for grins. Better-looking but still embarrassingly unfinished.

Finally. Most images used without permission, but also without challenge to copyright. If you see something of yours here and you want me to take it down, say so and I will. I just liked your picture, is all.

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