AKA The All-Father, the Grey Pilgrim, Wotan, Mr. Wednesday


Odin in his Prime

Odin, called the All-Father, is the supreme deity of the Norse pantheon, by virtue of his great power and even greater wisdom. He crucified himself for nine nights on the World Tree, Yggdrasil, to gain the power of the runes. He bested giants in contests of skill, strength and poetry in the dawn of the World and fought epic battles with his warrior host across all the nine worlds of the Nordic Overworld. Plucking out his own eye, he gained perfect wisdom. His throne allows him to see all occurrences in all of the nine worlds. Accompanied by two wolves and two ravens and riding an eight-legged steed, Odin is a cunning and terrifying enemy to the giants and their spawn.

He’s no great shakes as a father, though.

In modern times, Odin’s disguises have ranged from a telecom cable magnate, to a programmer working with a search-engine corporation, to an ordinary telephone repairman. Always bearded, always lacking one eye, he has a tendency to seduce his mortal bedmates and vanish shortly before his child is born. When he returns to introduce himself to his Scions, he rarely gives Birthrights without strings attached.

As a far-seeing God, all-knowing and all- understanding, Odin could be more sensitive to his Scions’ needs. Yet the sacrifice of his one eye and its accompanying foreknowledge of Ragnarök, “the Doom of the Gods,” has brought Odin to the point of obsession. The only thing he cares about is whether the Aesir survive the final battle with the giants at the World’s end. The sacrifice of his Scions to that end is not only acceptable, it is purposed. If one or two of them manage to rise as Gods themselves, so be it, but Odin’s own survival is always paramount in his mind.

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Intelligence, Epic Manipulation, Epic Perception, Epic Stamina, Epic Wits, Death, Jotunblut, Magic, Mystery, Prophecy, Psychopomp, War

Abilities: Art, Fortitude, Integrity, Investigation, Occult, Presence



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