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Acknowledgements, Disclaimers, and Unabashed Self-Promotion

It's important to stress that this is neither the finished version of any roleplaying game system owned by me or anyone else, nor any attempt at any official set of rules. It's a spot to keep fiction and story ideas, to either write as prose or present as roleplaying content for a private audience chosen by me. If you choose to use any or all of this stuff in your own game, be my guest, but any tagged fiction is mine, so I'll ask that you don't go publishing it anywhere else. If you're here to read because my mammoth vanity has led me to lead you here, g'head and ignore the rules bits and source material hax, and get straight to the Sleepwalker Stories over on Blogger.

Finally. Most images used without permission, but also without challenge to copyright. If you see something of yours here and you want me to take it down, say so and I will. I just liked your picture, is all.